Potato Squash

A classic tile-puzzle game made in a one-week gamejam by Dinny van Huizen, Pim Limburg, Ben van Tol, and me, where you have to walk over farmland to get potatoes to grow, but don’t you dare walk over the potatoes. The entire source code can be found here.

The music is made by Rene van Tol.

Keeping track of tiles

For this game we used Unity’s 2D tilemap system. To keep track of which square has been walked over, we made a class that kept track of all “seeded” tiles:

public class SquareManager : MonoBehaviour {
	public void ResetGrid() { ... }
	public int GetCount(Vector2Int position) { ... }
	public void IncrementCount(Vector2Int position) { ... }

It has a few other methods, but I redacted those for brevity.

The class keeps track of all squares (not the Tile objects, but rather the positions) on the grid in a 2D array. When a square is walked over, it is marked “seeded”. Seeded squares cannot be stepped on again and are turned into an AnimatedTile, which displays the animation of the seed growing into a full plant.